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“Inquire, Reflect and Share”

The Saskatchewan Action Research Network is a network of practice-based researchers who provide action research training and mentoring, and also provide a repository and clearing house for practice-based research and resources.

What’s New? 

  • “Lessons Learned In 2015-2016” Adult Literacy/Basic Education & Transformative Learning  This is the final installment for this year. It looks back on the challenges and successes SARN had in inviting students and practitioners to write and post their own stories on how transformative learning has occurred in their lives and the role of  literacy/basic education. Check out the section on “Findings Instructors and Counsellors Might Benefit From,” and the section, “Some Learnings that might be Helpful for Administrators and Policy-Makers.”  It also includes a tool and proposed activity that just might prove helpful in your counselling and teaching in the coming year. Hope to see you in the fall.
  • See the March 2, 2016  webinar: Strategies for Saskatchewan: Transitioning Adult Literacy & Basic Education Students to the Workforce (Part Two)”  power point slides and listen to the discussion at WWW.SARN.CA

Based on a province-wide needs survey, this latest webinar focuses on materials, curricula and activities you can use both in and outside of your program. You can also access Part One of this webinar series on this link. While part two is specific to classroom materials and activities used in various provinces, Part One takes a broader overview of workforce transition strategies used across Canada. 

  • See the latest UNESCO update of over 100 effective literacy programs used around the world  on the sarn’s Electronic Resources page. Here are effective literacy practices used worldwide.

We inspire adult education practitioners to critically reflect on and strengthen their practice through action-based research and provide support for the development of evidence-based research as we build a culture of inquiry in the field of adult education.

The Saskatchewan Action Research Network will be a thriving network of practice-based researchers. SARN will provide action research training and mentoring and provide a repository and clearing house for practice-based research and resources.

Note: You can communicate directly with the practitioners who have (graciously) added their email contact information on their reports (see “Saskatchewan Practitioner Reports). You can email them to discuss what they did and, also, if what they did might be “adapted or adopted” for your own teaching situation. For further details on SARN, you can contact SARN Co-Director Teri Thompson tthompson@cumberlandcollege.sk.ca  or Co-Director, Dr. Allan Quigley at aquigley@stfx.ca.

Questions about the movement can be directed to Allan and please see the contact page for further details.